Response to "Request for information: White Drugs, Zombie"

Despite physical evidence to prove otherwise, no information exists linking White Drugs and Zombification. Although you did not request the following information, the global computron "Elixor" has output the text you will now read. We find here at find it quite telling....

Briefing 1/6/2010 Place: Global Superiority Complex, Geneva Switzerland- All members present. All eyes scans complete, Authentications Cross Confirmed via penile-swab (Data Pending, but expected nominal).
Synopsis of Grand Query: Are White Drugs exhibiting cross-continental coverage overlaps with regard to special pollination? To wit, Do GSC's restrictions on White Drugs go far enough?
Reaction by Inter-Manliness Panel (Convened 1/9/2010): Restrictions on special pollination can not be overly punitive. Historically, all restrictions have been ignored and future restrictions need to increase in number and severity of language. It is unfortunate that the special pollination has infected so many of the rank and file. We will soon be forced to contrive vaccinations against WDSP. A feat that we, heretofore, have avoided discussing. It is the recommendation of this panel that a GSC member seek to gain access into the inner sanctum of White Drugs and become "specially pollinated." As we have yet to ascertain the exact method of pollination (the recently pollinated are unwilling to be interviewed or debriefed), an exceptional candidate must be chosen. This candidate will need to prove loyalty to the GSC and all subsidiaries. Once access and pollination are achieved, we will begin developing a vaccine. We would like to go on record as saying that, as a group, we do not condone the actions or intentions of White Drugs, the recent defections of Mr. Ty Forsythe, Thomas Rebo, and Salvatore Vagitucci from this panel should not be an indication of the sincerity of the above recommendations and findings. All of our panelists, have been purified using the most up to date GSC codes.
GSC General Assembly Response (1/15/2010): We have elected Sir Anston Pinatonce. His loyalty to the GSC is beyond rebuke. His exams have been completed and is deemed free from residual pollination. Full Disclosure: Sir Pinatonce is a frequenter of Meat Gazers Mens Club and the new Burger King Bar. These affiliations are to be considered assets in the campaign against White Drugs. Sir Pinatonce seeks guidance on the following: Pseudonym recommendation for the mission and "Will it hurts[sic]?"
Additional Response Inter-Manliness Panel : Siegfried Manuel Urealto. Yes
--End of Report--